CHADD Chapter of UTAH Professional Resource List

We have begun to compile a list of local Utah Professional Resources that will be shown here by County and these areas below:

ADHD Diagnosis

Community Health Centers/
Family Counselor
Family Medicine
Family Physicians / MD’s
Marriage and Family Therapist
Medication Management
Mental Health Counselors

Professional Organizers

Pediatricians/Family Physicians
Speech Language & Learning Services
Speech/Language Pathologists


The resources shown here are subject to our disclaimer. We are always in need for volunteers to keep this resource list updated and accurate. However, the information does sometimes change without our knowledge. If you have corrections please let us know.  Also if you have additions or comments regarding our resources, please let us know.

Other Resources

This Web has a list of Counseling resources for the State of Utah  Click Here

Please refer to our Links under Other Resources for other listings of professional resources.

CHADD National also maintains a Professional Resource List  Click Here

This link has references to national organizations with local references.  Click Here







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Salt Lake County



Organize by Design


Jamie R. Tabish

Professional Organizer, Organizational Service, Time Management, Mentoring, Classes, Business, Home and School


Experience working with adults and children who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. We can help break the tasks down into small, doable, pieces.  We then add support and structure by creating predictable, visual aides to help guide you through your day.  If you lack internal organization and sequencing then we will create external structure to help guide and inform you of what you need to be doing

Phone:  801-913-6846




David Jubelirer, MD

ADHD – working with both children and adults.


CHADD National Professional

In-Focus Health


Salt Lake City Office:
Sugar House Plaza
2120 South 1300 East Suite 201

Salt Lake City, UT  84106 






Primary Children's Hospital Center for Counseling

Children and Adolescents

5770 South 1500 West. Salt Lake City, Utah 84123

Assessment, Counseling and Educational Services (ACES)

Services: Counseling for substance abuse, domestic violence, and other family issues

 Fees: Sliding Scale

3808 So West Temple, #1A
SLC, UT  84115

Phone: 801-265-8000


Center for Family Development (CFD)


Services: Treatment for families involved in physical abuse and child sexual abuse

 Fees: Sliding Scale

1747 So 900 West, 2nd floor
SLC, UT  84104

Phone: 466-8353

The Children’s Center


Services:  Treatment of emotionally disturbed preschool children and their families ages up to 7 yrs old.  

Fees: Sliding scale-accepts private pay, insurance and Medicaid

1855 East Medical Dr
SLC, UT  84112

Phone: 582-5534


Child Development Clinic (CDC)


Children with Special Health Care Needs

Services: Diagnosis and evaluation for autism & dev delays; birth to 5 yrs

 Fees: Sliding scale

44 No Medical Drive
SLC, UT  84112

Phone: 584-8510


Community Supports (CTA)



Services: Community-based treatment program for individuals with autism/developmental disabilities

Fees: Set and Sliding Scale

 4444 So 700 East #203
Murray, UT  84107

Phone: 268-4887


Family Counseling Center


Services: Provides individual and family counseling, psychiatric services, substance abuse treatment, and domestic violence therapy.

Fees: Sliding scale and third party payment

5250 So Commerce Dr (320 W), Suite 250
SLC, UT  84107

Phone: 261-3500


Family Abuse Center for Treatment


Services: Specializes in possible sexual abuse. Provides family, child and adult individual therapy and evaluations for the court.

Fees: Insurance, grants, Medicaid

5691 So Redwood Road #51
Taylorsville, UT  84123

Phone: 281-4080 ext. 15

The Fourth Street Clinic: Wasatch Homeless Health Care Program

Services: Individual and group therapy for homeless individuals and families in Salt Lake area

Fees: None

            404 So 400 West

            SLC, UT 84101

            Phone: 364-0058


Heartworks Counseling Services: The Children’s Service Society of Utah



Services: Children’s therapy program ages 2-15; group counseling ages 4-10; adolescent/adult counseling; parenting classes

Fees: Sliding scale and third party payors

124 So 400 East, Suite 400

            SLC, UT  84111

            Phone: 355-7444 or 1-800-839-7444



Holladay Family & Child Guidance Clinic

Services: Crisis intervention, family therapy. Specialized in behavior and discipline

Fees: Insurance, sliding scale

4667 So Holladay Blvd  #2
 SLC, UT  84117

Phone: 277-8025

Holy Cross Ministries



Services: Professional mental health counseling-adult and school counseling services for at risk individuals

Fees: Sliding scale

2570 W 1700 So
SLC, UT  84104

Phone: 908-0293


IHC Behavioral Health Network


Services: In-patient; residential treatment; day treatment; chemical dependency programs; outpatient treatment in most appropriate setting throughout the valley

Fees: third party payors

5770 So 1500 W
SLC, UT  84123

Phone: 265-3049 or 1-800-832-3622


Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment (ISAT)


Services: Treatment and prevention of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Also substance abuse treatment program with individual and group therapy

Fees: Sliding scale

3809 So West Temple, Suite 1B
SLC, UT  84165

Phone: 268-4457 or 1-800-303-9805


Jewish Family Services


Services: Counseling services for individuals, couples, and families

Fees: Sliding scale; private pay; third party payers

#2 North Medical Drive (1800 East)
SLC, UT 84113

Phone: 581-1330


LDS Family Services



Services: Assists LDS Church members with counseling services. Adoption services available for non-LDS families.

Fees: Individually arranged

132 So State Street, Suite 100
SLC, UT  84111

Phone: 240-6500


Mental Health Association of Utah


Services: Conducts intensive self-advocacy training programs for mental health consumers. Trains mental health professionals in cultural competency. Conducts campaign for Utah mental health.

Fees: None

1800 So West Temple, Suite 501
SLC, UT 84115

Phone: 596-3705



Services: Conducts educational programs for families and persons with mental illness. Support groups for persons with mental illness their families and friends.  Provides student/parent education program in the schools. Provides training, mentoring and advocacy for those affected by mental illness.

Fees: None

450 So 900 East, Suite 160
SLC, UT  84102

Phone: 323-9900


Samaritan Counseling Centers of Utah, INC.


Services: Professional counseling and consultation in a faith-based environment.

Fees: Sliding Scale


1626 So 1700 East
SLC, UT  84108

Phone: 483-0057


Shepherd’s Staff Christian Counseling Center, INC


Services: Provides professional mental health services from an interdenominational Christian perspective. Individual, family and group therapy.

Fees: Sliding scale

731 East 8600 So
Sandy, UT 84098

Phone: 435-649-2233


Trauma Awareness and Treatment Center



Services: Provides treatment for anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, conduct disorders, and depression. Marital, family and group therapy. State licensed domestic violence treatment provider.

Fees: Set-minimum $65/hr, private insurance, and Medicaid

715 East 3900 So, Suite 109
SLC, UT 84107

Phone: 263-6367


University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI)



Services: Clinical Assessment, Inpatient and Outpatient Services

Fees: Set- third party payor


501 South Chipeta Way (2330 East)
SLC, UT  84108

Phone: 583-2500


Utah Autism Research Program


Services: Assessment and Diagnosis for Autism

Fees: $500 fee / does not accept insurance

Judith Miller

421 Wakara Way, #143
SLC, UT  84108

Phone: 585-4098

Utah Parent Center (UPC) and Autism Information Resources


Services: Autism information resources provide information and referral, support groups and an annual 2 day conference on autism and related issues.

2290 East 4500 So, Suite 110
SLC, UT 84117

Phone: 272-1051. 272-1067 (Spanish)


Valley Mental Health



Services: VMH contracts with the State of Utah to provide mental health services for Salt Lake, Tooele, and Summit Counties.

Fees: Sliding scale and Medicaid

5965 So 900 East, #420
SLC, UT 84121

Phone: 263-7100



Caring Connections: A Hope and Comfort in Grief Program


Services: Provides grief counseling and grief information and program

Fees: Set- $40 for an 8 week session. Scholarships available for those with financial hardship

U of U College of Nursing
10 So 2000 East
SLC, UT  84112

Phone: 585-9522


The Sharing Place


Services: Provides grief support groups for children 3 ½ - 16 yrs old. Families also placed in groups after intake.

Fees: Families make pledge based on what they feel they can afford to pay.

1695 East 3300 So
SLC, UT  84106

Phone: 466-6730




Services: Self-help groups, support groups, information and referral for alcohol abuse.

 Fees: none


5065 So 300 W
 Murray, UT  84107

 Phone: 262-9587


Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinic

 Services: Outpatient evaluation and treatment for adult alcohol and drug abuse.

 Fees: Set

 U of U Health Sciences Center
 30 No 1900 East, 1R52 SOM
 SLC, UT  84132

 Phone: 581-6228

Cornerstone Counseling Center

Services: Adult and adolescent outpatient substance abuse treatment. Substance abuse prevention programs and domestic violence treatment programs. General mental health counseling specializing in stress, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Fees: Sliding scale-accepts private pay, private insurance, and Medicaid. 

660 So 200 East, Suite 308

 SLC, UT 84111-3853

 Phone: 355-2846


First Step House

Services: Residential and outpatient substance abuse services. DUI classes, group and individual therapy

 Fees: sliding scale for Salt Lake County residents; set for others.


411 So Grant Street (740 W)
SLC, UT 84116

Phone: 359-8862


Indian Walk-In Center

Services: Adult substance abuse care and counseling and youth substance abuse prevention program for American Indians and Alaskan Natives

 120 West 1300 So
 SLC, UT 84115

 Phone: 486-4877

Life-Line Inc.

Services: Group, individual, and family therapy for youth (13-18) and their families experiencing substance abuse and other behavior problems.

Fees: Set-approx. $2000 per month

1130 West Center St
Salt Lake, UT

 Phone: 936-4000


Odyssey House

Services: Treatment, education, and prevention services for substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and people with self-destructive lifestyles.


344 East 100 So, #301
 SLC, UT 84111

 Phone: 322-4257


Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services

Services: Substance abuse services for ages 8-17, including evaluation/assessment, individual, group and family counseling and life skill classes.

Fees: Sliding scale or none


Salt Lake County Division of Youth Services
177 West Price Avenue (3610 So)
 SLC, UT  84115

Phone: 269-7500


Youth Support Systems

Services: Prevention and treatment of adolescent substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Includes Project Link a substance abuse prevention program targeting youth in junior high and standard/intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment programs.

Fees: Treatment-sliding scale

3392 West 3500 So
West Valley City, UT 84119

Phone: 969-3307



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Wasatch County




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Washington County




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Weber County

McKay Dee Behavioral Health

Hospitals, Mental Health Clinics, Mental Health Practitioners, Marriage & Family Counseling, Family Crisis Intervention Services

5030 Harrison Boulevard
Ogden, UT 84403


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