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Congrads to Edward Williams – CHADD of Utah Volunteer

Please join CHADD in congratulating Edward Williams, volunteer for the CHADD of Utah chapter who is one of three volunteer leadership award winners being recognized for their accomplishments at CHADD’s National Conference in Anaheim, CA.

To follow are just some of the accomplishments made by Edward to the community. Please stop by at the next meeting and congratulate Edward and the rest of the volunteers.  CHADD depends on dedicated volunteers like Edward to bring education and support to their communities.


Edward organized and has contributed time and leadership to the community for over 20 years. He has volunteered to teach classes, organize groups, collect material, schedule trainings for additional counselors in our district and arranged for the funding of that training. He has sat on the Best Practices Board for AD/HD with Intermountain Health Care and influenced the training of Family Doctors and Mental Health Professionals in Utah.

He designed follow-up forms, taught testing and evaluation classes for counselors, and involved most of the counselors in the two school districts in the Ogden area. He helped to form a local CHADD group with volunteer parents and arrange at least four trainings a year for Parent to Parent classes and is on a volunteer basis for teaching an AD/HD information class at the local hospital. He has almost single-handedly been the impetus behind any AD/HD material, workshops and conferences distributed and provided to parents and teachers over the last 20 to 30 years in this area.

Besides all of this, he lives with AD/HD and manages it successfully in his own life and that of his children. What an inspiration for those who would be discouraged and need a great example. Every year he still makes all the schedules, arranges the teacher, volunteers himself and publishes the flyers to be distributed for parents and teachers. He schedules the locations and has arranged for credits to be awarded to those who attend. There wouldn’t have a program in Ogden, Utah without Ed.

Edward contacted people in the community services to work on a board to collaborate in getting with parents to help and advertise the available parenting classes provided by the district and the hospital.

Edward volunteered to work with the parents who were referred for help in the schools by meeting with them individually and reviewing adaptations for their child. Sometimes lasting two hours for the first meeting Ed gets frustrated parents on track with some good ideas. He has been doing this for the entire school district.

He has influenced the medical community to respond and support the concerns and testing information provided by the schools, helping us work as a team to help the families. Ed continues to try to keep the channels open for the parents in the Ogden area by supplying the information they need.




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