Who Are We?

Who or what is CHADD of Utah?

CHADD stands for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder AD/HD.

CHADD of Utah is a chapter with the National CHADD organization. For more information on CHADD please visit the national web site here .

We have branches and support groups in several areas of the State of Utah.

Who runs CHADD of Utah?


We are an all-volunteer organization of parents, grandparents, siblings, adults, professionals and others. We are dedicated to be your source on such AD/HD issues as school, teachers, children, adults, women, girls, work, accommodations, diagnosis, resources, family, marriage, and couples.
We are always in need of others who can spare a few hours a month in assisting others in AD/HD issues. So what kind of things do we need help with? Please click here for details.

What do we do?

  • Facilitate branches and support groups [family and adult] in many areas of the State of Utah
  • Provide presentations to schools, groups and organizations on AD/HD
  • Teacher In-service Program
  • Teach classes on how to be a parent of children with AD/HD with our 7 week Parent to Parent class series. Please click here for details.
  • Monitor the Utah and National legislature for bills and other activities that will impact families and individuals with AD/HD
  • Partnership and co-sponsors with other local and state disability and other organizations in conferences, seminars and fairs
  • Educational / Speakers Meetings
  • Networking / Mentoring
  • Provide a listening ear with parents and others dealing with AD/HD issues
  • Emailing notices associated with local news and other events regarding or impacting AD/HD
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have to be a member of CHADD organization to benefit from what we do?

NO, HOWEVER, there are additional benefits to members

  • Member discounts on local seminars, educational and professional speakers
  • Chapter Resource Library
  • Local Members only web page
  • Access to a Professional Resource List
  • National Call Center to call
  • ADHD Fact Sheets
  • The CHADD Information and Resource Guide to AD/HD
  • Bi-Monthly ATTENTION! Magazine
  • Access to the National Members’ Web Page with Message Boards and Expert and Peer Chats
  • Discounts for ADHD Workshops and Conferences, including the CHADD Annual Conference
  • Medical Benefits Plan
  • Advocacy at the National level
  • Plus Much More for Organizational and Professional Memberships